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Dana Tran By Dana Tran |Updated: August 11 2017

Here is a (growing) handpicked list of tools, links, and resources to help you learn more about Messenger bots and how to build a Bot!

Since Messenger Bot is still relatively new and rapidly changing, I plan on adding new content to this list (on a weekly basis). So check back often for updates! Or click here to subscribe to my monthly newsletter!

1. Websites & Blogs about Bots

Here are my favorite 3 along with a few other sites where you can learn more about Messenger bots and the latest news relating to Bots.

Keep in mind, the word chatbot or bot can refer to Messenger bots as well as Alexa, Slack bots, Skype bots, Telegram bot and Kik bots. Although my (free) Beginner’s Guide is focused on Facebook Messenger Bots, I still find it useful to learn more about bots and AI – even if they are on other platforms.

Chatbot’s Magazine

Featuring hundreds of articles, written by 400+ botmakers.

Chatbot’s Life

Articles on the latest bot news, AI, tools, tutorials and more.

Chatbots Weekly

A weekly roundup of chatbot news, market insights, trends & tutorials.

  • Awesome Bots – A curated awesome list of bots and AI resources on GitHub by BotCube team
  • Chatbots Journal: Learn and Share all About Chatbots
  • Bot Tutorials: Place to learn chatbot development & design
  • Chatbot News Daily: Your #1 Source about Chatbots in Europe
  • Chatbots Digest – Another weekly digest on Chatbots & AI
  • Bot Weekly – A weekly round-up of the most interesting chatbot and AI news
  • Topbots – Topbots sources the best news for artificial intelligence and bots for business.
  • Botzine – an online newsletter for botmakers and bot enthusiasts

2. Resources from Facebook.com

Messenger at F8 Conference

Watch the 2017 videos of the Keynote and Messenger Sessions from Facebook’s F8 Conference

Messenger Platform Blog

Keep up-to-date with the latest Messenger news and updates – directly from Facebook

Messenger Platform Docs

Facebook’s official Help Docs for the Messenger Platform

Free Messenger Bot Mini-Course

5 Lessons. 5 Days. 100% Free.
Learn how bots work, which bot-building platform to use, and how to build a bot!

3. Featured Videos, Articles & Podcasts about Bots

500% ROI in 3 Days
(from DigitalMarketer)

Listen to this podcast to learn how the Messenger Ad led to a 500% ROI in 3 Days!

Facebook Bots 101
(from Hubspot)

What They Are, Who’s Using Them & What You Should Do About It

Bots For Your Business
(From Social Media Examiner)

Discover five types of Facebook Messenger bots your business can integrate for better customer service.

4. Bot Mockup Tools

Before using your bot-building platform, you can use one of these tools below to mockup, plan, design your Messenger bot first! All of the tools and download below are free!

Bot Society

An easy and quick way to design and prototype a chatbot

Bot Mock

Chatbot prototyping, design & collaboration

Design Kit from Layers

A free Sketch Design Kit to help you create messaging and conversation experience

5. Featured Messenger Bots

Want to learn how bots work? Looking to get some inspiration and ideas for bots? Then you should go chat with a Messenger Bot!

Keep in mind that some Bots in the list below are custom coded (i.e., it might not be possible to build a similar bot with a bot-building platform). To learn about the types of bots you can build without coding, check out Part 1 of this guide.


Learn how to build a Messenger Bot (created by me, Dana Tran!)

The Adventures of Rogelio Price

A fun choose-your-own-adventure game!


A fast way of asking questions and getting opinions by friends and strangers within a few seconds!

  • Chatfuel – Chatfuel’s Messenger Bot
  • ManyChat – ManyChat’s Messenger Bot
  • Jarvis – A cool bot that reminds you to get stuff done
  • Visabot  The first immigration bot, helping professionals relocate to the United States
  • ChatBottle – Helps you to discover and share the best available chatbots for Facebook.
  • Instalocate – Your personal travel assistant. Track your flight and get notified when it gets delayed
  • Sure – A bot for the most Instagrammed food & drink spots near you, helping you decide where to eat
  • Hipmunk – Helping you find cheap flights and deals on hotels
  • Ask Elon Musk – Chat one-on-one with Elon Musk (the bot) about SpaceX, Tesla and AI.
  • Movie finder – Helping you find a movie to watch
  • Poncho – Get weather and horoscope updates with this (funny) Facebook Bot
  • Kip – An AI chatbot that shops for you and your team
  • SuperCop – A Facebook Messenger game that lets you solve a new murder case every week
  • MobyTrip – Trip & Vacation planner, helping you plan your trip in seconds
  • WTFIT – Identify any object by taking a photo of it and sending it to this bot.
  • Christopher Bot – Built by Alec Jones, a 14 year old. This amazing bot helps you remember to do your homework.

Free Messenger Bot Mini-Course

5 Lessons. 5 Days. 100% Free.
Learn how bots work, which bot-building platform to use, and how to build a bot!

6. Bot Directory

Okay – so I didn’t list ALL of the Messenger Bots in the section above. How could I? According to Facebook, there are over 100,000 Facebook Messenger bots (as of April 2017). If you want to look for a specific bot, I recommend using one of the Bot Directories listed below.


Search and discover chatbots on Messenger (and other platforms)

Product Hunt Bot Directory

The place to discover new apps, tools, products, and bots

There Is A Bot For That

A search engine for bots

7. Analytics and Other Resources

Congrats, you’ve finally launched your bot! But how is it being used? Below are several tools you can use to analyze your bot’s performance to improve your bot’s experience.


A conversational analytics tool – identify bottlenecks and increase engagement by finding out your users’ best re-engagement times.



Get reports on your users, engagement, retention, demographics, funnel analysis, live transcripts and more

Facebook Analytics

A powerful tool on Facebook – view detailed demographic info about your users and how they are interacting with your bot

8. Bot-Building Platforms

Helping you build a Messenger Bot without any coding.

Not sure which one is the right platform for you? In Part 2 of the guide (coming soon), I compare the differences, pros and cons, to help you choose the “right” platform for you.


Create a Facebook message bot quickly and easily (It’s 100% free)


Create a Messenger bot without coding to engage your audience.

Flow XO

A platform to build cross-platform bots messaging apps


Visually build, train and deploy AI bots to do just about anything. No coding required.

Octane AI

Create and manage a bot to engage with your audience on Messenger

On Sequel

Create media and entertainment bots without (no coding required)

  • Typeform Chat – Convert your typeforms into Facebook Messenger conversation
  • Botsify – Create AI Chatbot without coding
  • LeadFlip – Generate High Quality Leads Using Power Of Chatbots
  • BotEngine – a natural language understanding framework that allows you to create intelligent chat bot (currently in Beta)
  • It’s Alive – Create, manage and launch your Facebook Chatbot with this free platform

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